Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Payday Loans San Diego Mortgage Lender

payday loans San Diego

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On October 9, 2009 in San Diego iFreedom Direct Corporation, a top national VA mortgage lender, has opened a new office. The branch office is operating in full swing offering specialty origination of VA purchase and refinance loans. Because California has the largest military population in the country, and the demand for VA payday loans in San Diego in twelve months, iFreedom Direct has answered the call to provide local VA specialty lending in the heart of the city.

VA loans obtained through iFreedom Direct are some of the most efficient mortgages in the country. The company’s in-house processors and underwriters, specialists in VA programs, are processing more than half of their VA payday loans San Diego in three weeks or less. In today’s lending climate, many borrowers can expect to wait more than six weeks for mortgage processing, a duration that can be a deal breaker in some home purchase contracts.

Payday Loans San Diego

When buyers are competing with other home offers, a cash offer is hard to beat. But most Americans are not in a position to pay cash for a home. Homebuyers with VA benefits can utilize some of the most flexible mortgage programs available. VA borrowers enjoy relaxed income and credit qualifying standards, as well as no private mortgage insurance (PMI), which alone can save a borrower hundreds each month.

iFreedom Direct’s President, Richard Bailey, says, “We use the VA mortgage programs to empower buyers. It’s nice to be known as one of the fastest in delivering the VA mortgage product in an otherwise slow lending market.”

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